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  • Stand iphone produs
    iPhone 4 launch stand for Vodafone. Year 2010.
  • Stand iphone 3D
    3D visualisation model.
  • iPhone 4 stand black
    The white variant was prefered to the black one. Presumably because of the fact that the IPHone 4 introduced the white finish along with the black one along with the 4th issue.
  • IPhone 4 desktop display
    This unit was designed to accomodate smaller Vodafone selling shops that did not provide much space for the launch. As per the standing unit, this one illuminates the phone from the bottom and projects a white halo arround its base.
  • detaliu desktop unit iphone 4
  • spate desktop unit
  • christmas catalog
    Spread of Christmas Vodafone catalog.
  • Christmas catalog2
  • Small window display Iphone4
  • Christmas 4
    entrance view
  • Christmas 1
    This is a proposal for Christmas activation activities. The translucent tent was to accomodate web-based activation and service trial along with other winter specific activities.
  • christmas 3
  • Christmas pop-up leaflet
    The brochure was ment to communicate season's phone offers. When it opens two pop-up parts reveal the models.
  • christmas pop-up leaflet2
  • wall stand SIM card
    This was a proposal for a wall communication case for sim card packaging and offers. The design falls into the line designed for the winter camaign 2010, having a sleigh form.
  •  maximia sim1
    sim card packaging proposal
  • maximia sim card packaging proposal
  • raft telefoane
    The picture represent a way to communicate a phone offer directly on the try-out shelf.
  • punga1
    Plastic bag design proposal for winter campaign.
  • punga2
  • punga3