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  • P&G Client work mention
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  • Londa Color cream
    Brand: Londa Color Cream
    Print insert
  • Londa leaflet
    Folding leaflet for LONDA.
    It shows the reange of 3 main category hair style producs: Londa Color, Londa Trend and Color Emotion
  • Londa trend
  • Proffesional
    P&G Professional interactive brochure.
    P&G Proffesional is a programme that Procter & Gamble developed with en-gros retaileres such asa Selgros and METRO which promotes P&G products offers and special packaging for HoReCa user and other non-household users.
    This round shape brochure has a capsule the middle which bond the two rotating parts. The cut windows allow reading messages on diagonal. Each color depicts a specific area where the products are to be used.
  • Mr Proper cronometru
    Brand: Mr. Proper (Mr. Clean in other countries)
    The layout promoted an orange scented SKU. The dramatization shows a metaphore combining the orange aroma and the speed of cleaning (shown by a stop watch).
    The hand belongs to Mr. Proper character.
    The print execution matched the TV commercial proposition.
  • fairy Post-it
    Brand: Fairy - dishes detergent
    The concept of the campaign, translated also into product selling proposition is tHat Fairy bottle last for longer (tests proven) than other competitor products. The idea behind the visual follows the creative route of extreme consequences: With Fairy bottle lasting for longer on your kitchen counter, you can use it to post important anniversary dates or notes about medium term events to happen.
  • Scratch Fairy
  • Expresul poster
    "Expresul Frumusetii" / "The Beauty Express" in English, was a platforme that had to solve a perception problem with the en-gros retailer METRO and P&G as partner. The insight was that people who come to buy P&G products from METRO have the belief that they will spend a large amount of time searching for the products they need due to the vast structure of METRO storage area and poor shelf visibility.
    With the new format all the main categories products were regrouped, rearranged on shelf and used the "Beauty Express" colorful category identifiers and shelf end in the shape of branded trains.
    The programme was a succes which METRO implemented thrughout its European network in 2007.
  • Expresul banner
  • Expresul header
  • Expresul dividere
  • Expresul capt raft