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  • Otter clients1
    The picture form the left represent direct mail PR activity for one of Otter Distribution main brands - Clarks ( premium shoes)
    Personalized DM letter sealed in silver finish envelope with genuine leather tag, for journalists.
    CLARKS logo is embossed onto the leather tag. The item ccan be reused for luggage.
    Simply stylish.
  • Otter clients2
  • Otter clients3
    DM letter ( on pearl paper)
  • otter clients4
  • Otter clients3
    Acrylic Otter Membership cards.
  • otter clients5
    OTTER - Europa FM campaign.
    The campaign's mechanic was based on the receipt the consumer got when buying from OTTEr stores. He/she would send taht code via SMS and entered in a lucky draw on Europa FM radio shows.
  • Otter clients6
    Christmass card.