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  • Libra ID
    Client: Libra Bank. Later named "LIBRA Internet bank"
    Partner: Brandvision Media
    The task was to create a new identity for a bank whose primarly target consisted of professional. The trigger and source for the identity shift are Libra's services based on accesibility and secured network along with the special programes for busy professionals.
  • Libra ID2
    The new logo kept the monogram from the previous but transformed to be percevived as the @ sign, a sinonim for IT world languages and, well.., the internet. The letters "L" and "B", a short duet from LIBRA come together to give it a unique visibility  Trade Mark.
  • Libra ID3
    A brand identity guide lines set was prepared for the communication toolkit. It will be available on demand for whatever purposes regarding the implementation of the brand's elements.