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  • Nap-Keen Red
  • Nap-Keen Shine

    Who said napkins should be just square pieces of paper? 

    Occasionaly, they can serve as bed sheets, blankets or even matress:)

    Nap-keen: a funny way of not passing by of what you sometimes pass over your lips! 

  • Biz-Row
  • Biz-Boy
  • Biz Girl

    Now you have your own assistant to “carry” your business cards at the office. Biz-Boy and Biz-Girl represent an attractive way to show and store your cards and also a way to make others be interrested in your contacts details.  

  • Designer coasters
  • Vodka glass
  • Vodka coaster
  • You're sexy coaster
  • whisky coaster
  • Fresh juice coaster
  • Endless row coaster
  • Cocktail coaster
    Coktail coaster
  • Kid pamper napkin holder
  • Kid pamper napkin holder2
  • Key Hanger 2
  • Keys hanger
    Wall mounted key hanger for easy placement and finding.
  • iphone 4 vodafone
    iPhone 4 display stand
    Special features: White glossy material finish, neon white illuminated phone support, white neon illuminated base, leaflet holder. Iliuminated Apple sign.
  • iphone 4 stand black
  • iPhone 4 desktop display
  • plansa pubela ochi
    Trash can with semiotic component
    Without being linked with the"big Brother" concespt, the project seeding idea was to give verybody a reminder to properly behave when interracting with public furniture and facilities.
  • simbols urban furniture
  • pubela lampadar
    Sinergic object cosisting from a trash can and night lamps for public parcs.
  • diploma parc1
    Design study for urban furniture and miscellaneous.
  • diploma parc1
  • cabina romtelecom
  • cabina romtelecom2
     Phone booth study for national wired network.
  • casuta4
  • casuta3
  • casuta2
  • casuta1
    Adverstising promo stand design for shoping malls.
  • rulota mare
    Trailer design studies made in the final study year at the university. Beyond the pretty regular shapes the study was foremost an exercise for ergonomics and functions.
  • rulota grup transp
    See-through perspective
  • rulota grup fata
    Front view
  • rulota grup spate
    Trailer back view
  • pickles pusher
    The image represents a device that is put into the pickles jars just underneath the cap. Its main purpose is to keep the pickles emerged into the souring solution.
  • carusior gasca
    Goose baby carriage
    Material: steam molded plywood
  • suspended plywood molded chair
    Molded plywood chair.
  • rulota grup
    Inside bathroom
    Top view
  • hand massage device1
  • hand massage device
    The idea for this product appered durin an design intership at Faco BaBilyss 10 years ago.
    Many working hours with a computer gives your arms (and back) fatigue. Also during summer sweaty hands might be a problem too. This device which went through two prototype stages massages your hands and wrists while blowing a gentle air stream from beneath. It gets its power from USB port or a AC adapter.