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  • header ispa
  • Ispa logo
    Campaign: Selective recycling for Bacau County, Romania
    Partner: Consilio Grup
    Campaign logotype. 
    The logo is presented in the shape of a flag composed from 3 sections, equivalent to the 3 main categories for recycled materials: glass, plastic and paper.
    The hand is a symbol for civil involvement in the proces of selectively gather of recycling materials 
  • Ispa 2
    Communicattion leaflet. Mainly for rural areas inhabitants.
    The cover clearly presents the 3 tipes of recycling bin assigned to each recycled material.
  • Ispa 3
    SELECTUS (mascot)
    Selectus was a mascot I designed for the communication materials, a character made up from recycled plastic, papes and glass.
  • Ispa 4
    Explanatory poster for which materials fall into each recycled category.
  • Ispa 5
    Spread out leaflet #2 cover
  • Ispa 6
    Spread-out leaflet #2, interior
  • Ispa 7
    Announcement flyer A
    Contained a brief sumary of the initiative's objectives.
  • Ispa 8
    Brochure cover for school learning program component.
  • Ispa 9
    Brochure #2. Cover
  • Ispa 10
    Urban distribution flyere. 
    Spread cover
  • Ispa 11
    Urban distribution flyer.
    Spread interior
  • Tv Social commercial spot with an articulated "call-to-action" tone of voice.
  • Ispa 13 web
    Campaign's website.
  • Ispa 14 web
  • Ispa 15 web
    The website carries an interactive learning tool under the form of a simple game.
    The visitor writes a player's name and after he reads the basic info cand put recyling materials into each bin. They appear randomly and socicitating the player's attention.
  • Control campanie
  • Control logo
    Client: Aer Pur Romania
    Partner: Consilio Grup
    Campaign logotype
  • CONTROL campanie1
    Launch Campaign press conference poster 
  • control campanie2
    Fund raising SMS poster
  • Control campanie3
    Map containing info for journalists
  • Fund raising TV commercial
  • Control campanie5 web
    Campaign website
    Programmer: Daniel Ciortan
  • Real 5 ani header
  • Real 5 ani 1

    The key visual of the campaign had to show the abundance of prisez that were give, but the concept umbrela for the entire campaign ingluding all media was: real,- 5 years: You are special!

  • real 5 ani 2
  • real 5 ani 3
  • real 5 ani 4

    Here are few examples of in-store personalized mesages. The inspriptions say: 

    “Veronica simpli loves feta cheese. With a little olive oil in hand she can make a delicious breakfast”

    “Porc chop tendered 10 minutes ago just as Mr. Pascale likes it!”


    “Sibiu salami, fine sliced for Gabriela’s sandwiches”

  • real 5 ani 5
    Campaign lucky draw collective box
  • real VAT return campaign
    Periodicaly all major retailers lure consumers by cutting off the VAT from certain products. This was a proposal for suc short term campaign.
  • real VAT return campaign2
  • real VAT return campaign3